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About CanAm

The name CanAm came about in 1993 when Chad Kuznicki (USA) and Jeffrey Kidd (CAN) formed a friendship at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO where skaters from all over the United States and the world would meet to improve their skating skills. A few years later Eddie Byrd (USA), Tracy Black (USA), Jason Cohen (USA) and Shayne Bayford (CAN) would all form a competitive relationship on the floor and a life long friendship off. Individually the group has competed in over 20 World Championships, won World medals, numerous National titles and have taken from some of the most respected and knowledgeable coaches our sport has seen. The Canadian members (Jeffrey and Shayne) not only represented their country in artistic roller skating but were a part of the National Roller Hockey team, which participated in the 1995 Pan American Games.

CanAm bridged the serious side and fun side of artistic roller skating creating the 4's Tag Team Singles event which was held annually at the Coachlite Invitatioanl in Roselle, IL.

Towards the late 90s CanAm went online for the first time creating a website that not only brought awareness to artistic roller skating but spoofed themselves that tied into their 4's Tag Team Singles introductions, which sometimes turned out to be longer than the programs.

Evolving into more an educational website for artistic roller skaters in the early 2000s, the CanAm site was the first to re-introduce the current skating population to such LEGENDS as Tim McGuire, Paul Price and Tina Kneisley etc with short clips hosted directly on their site. Full programs of skating greats were later shown in CanAm's Feature of the Month.

In the mid/late 2000s the CanAm site experimented with the idea of the website being a big building that users had to maneuver around to find what they were looking for such as videos, interviews and more. Returning to a standard website, the CanAm site focused mainly on it's collection of artistic roller skating videos and interviews.

In 2011, the CanAm Crew introduced a inspirational and motivating camp called LEGENDS Skate Camp. This camp brought back some of the all-time great USA skaters to directly work with our current skaters and coaches sharing their experiences and knowledge and to bridge generations of USA roller skaters. World Champions, National Champions and USARS Hall of Fame skaters such as Paul Price, Tina Kneisley, Heath Mederios, Brian Richardson and April Allen stepped on the skating floor for the first time in many years along with Robyn Young. LEGENDS Skate Camp also provides the only skating camp that Dynamic Fitness owners Brian Richardson and Kevin Duenas educate the skaters, coaches and parents in valid science along with correct and efficient training protocols. The LEGENDS Staff including 5-time World Champion Scott Cohen received the USOC Volunteer Coach of the Year Award for Roller Sports in 2012.

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