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Welcome to the CanAm Crew Online Museum.

The CanAm Crew GIVES BACK to the skating community through this new online experience where skaters interact with other athletes, coaches, judges, parents and fans of artistic roller skating while revisiting the incredible history of US artistic roller skating.

By joining this website (free) you will be given access to an exclusive array of online museum experiences from the CanAm Crew, including many generations of skating videos, photos of skating history, skating group forums, and earn points while interacting within the CanAm site for much more content available through the CanAm Crew Online Museum.

This new mode of exchange and distribution effectively brings the skating community together with it's sole purpose of artistic roller skating. No outside distractions. All that is required from you is a computer/tablet/smart phone and your passion and love for the sport of roller skating.

The CanAm Crew Online Museum is now open to skating friends all across the world ... Come!

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