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LEGENDS Skate Camp

LEGENDS Skate Camp

LEGENDS Skate Camp is currently on hiatus

LEGENDS Skate Camp is one of the finest skating camps offered in Roller Sports for Artistic Roller Skating. At LEGENDS learn the fundamentals of figures, singles, dance and pairs from our LEGENDS staff who are some of the greatest skaters of any generation.

Before their 15+ World titles, 20+ National Championships, PanAm and World Games titles and entry into the USARS Hall of Fame, learning the fundamentals of their respected discipline and sportsmanship was critical in each LEGEND's development.

LEGENDS Skate Camp offers the skaters and coaches attending the opportunity to learn the same principles that allowed our LEGENDS to become the skaters they were. Teaming up with Dynamic Fitness, one of the leading performance enhancement specialists, our staff understands not only the importance of a solid foundation in skating but the importance of valid science along with correct and efficient training protocols.

A fun filled weekend of learning and interacting with our LEGENDS where we hope you also push each other and create lifelong memories this wonderful sport called Artistic Roller Skating has to offer us all.

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